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Let’s do some diamond business

With a 10 year history in the jewellery and diamond business, we have decided that it is time for us to spread our wings even more and join other businesses that need our expertise. 
We love diamonds, that’s obvious! And everything that we have built at Diamond’s Office is related to this wonderful stone. 
Here is a short history of what we do. 

Loose diamonds trade.
And other stones.

Diamond’s Office is a business with a diamond heart. Daniela Chiracu, the founder of the concept, is one of the few Romanian diamond traders certified by HRD Antwerp, Institute of Gemmology.  
The direct access to the best certified diamonds traded in Antwerp, without an intermediary, guarantees the best quality and price for loose stones. And we work only with the best quality diamonds. We also have access to the diamond stocks around the world in order to find that perfect diamond you are searching for. 
During these years of activity, all the logistics was perfected so we can ensure a smooth process in the diamond trade, whether the stone is for us or for our business partners. Therefore, the shipping and handling is made with all security measures, through Malca-Amit, a company that provides a full logistic service for valuable objects: diamonds, jewellery, precious metals, art in general. 
Alongside diamond trade, we also can provide the most beautiful coloured stones. If you love to mix and match different stones, we have what you need. 
The business transparency is one of our values, so you will get the best deal possible, risk free.
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Handcrafted Customised Jewellery

Diamonds and jewellery are inseparable! This was for us the beginning of a long love story! 
Stones are incredibly beautiful as they are, but if you want to wear them, you need to fit them into the perfect jewellery shape. 
Diamond’s Office is the place where a story comes to life in its most beautiful shape, in the hands of our jewellers, setters and diamond experts. Our office is where we have the first encounter with your desire which will then become an original piece of jewellery, personalised in the smallest detail: design, metal, stone.
And you have all these in one comfy place, Diamond’s Office, in the heart of Bucharest.
The entire process is made out of 3 major steps:

•  The meeting where we set up the design, choose the precious metal and the stone (or stones) with our diamond expert

•  The jeweller starts to handcraft the piece according to the design 

•  The stone setter comes to perfect the work of art with his unique technique 

The expertise and the creativity have a lot to say when it comes to jewellery handcrafting. Your pieces will mirror this experience in the most beautiful shape and the best quality. 



The passion for beautiful, luxury objects is what drives us forward and gives us the opportunity to meet other businesses and people who share the same values. So, let’s meet! 

Let's meet!